QEF - Learning STEM Through 3D Virtual Fashion Design Project

The Learning STEM Through 3D Virtual Fashion Design Project is sponsored by Quality Education Fund. Under this project  The Clothing Industry Training Authority (CITA) will provide free workshops for Visual Arts and Technology & Living teachers and secondary students to enhance their competence of applying STEM to fashion design and solving design problems.

The workshop aims:

  • To arouse students’ interest in applying STEM skills through the fun and stimulation made available by the latest digital fashion design platform.
  • To create awareness among and to inspire VA and T&L teachers to incorporate STEM education through teaching fashion design topics.
  • To provide risk-free opportunities for students and teachers to engage in STEM learning and to explore and experiment with their design ideas.

List of schools who were joined students and teachers workshop respectively:

Yan Chai Hospital Law Chan Chor Si College
Caritas St. Joseph Secondary School
Society of Boys’ Centres Hui Chung Sing Memorial School
St. Catharine’s School For Girls (Kwun Tong)
Shau Kei Wan East Government Secondary School
TWGHs Mrs Wu York Yu Memorial College
Queen Elizabeth School
CCC Kung Lee College

Workshop Highlights

Video Sharing

Student’s Projects