Creative Virtual Fashion Design for Youngsters

Innovation and digital technology is transforming the fashion industry with virtual design emerging as the new industry realm. This project brings the latest virtual fashion technologies to the community and empowers the youth in coping with future changes in work and society. Participants will learn to use 3D design software to create a virtual garment for competition. Through experimenting different design ideas and elements, participants can extend their creativity and imagination. A virtual fashion show will be organised to demonstrate the project results. The project will work with schools and youth organisations to provide community digital capacity building volunteer opportunities Read More

Key Dates


23 November – 10 Dec 2019
The First Virtual Fashion Design Competition (First Round)
17 February 2020
Result announcement (First Round)
28 March – 5 April 2020
The First Virtual Fashion Design Competition (Final Round)
15 August 2020
Virtual Fashion Show cum Award Presentation Ceremony
HSBC Hong Kong Community Partnership Festival 2020